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May 28, 2023: Global Day of Prayer: Pentecost Sunday

Prayer Points: 

  1. Real Repentance: Our hearts must be softened, melted, and washed in His presence.
  2. Total Transformation: Pray for the Church to become the image of Jesus.
  3. Compelling Conviction: For a conviction to flow to believers and draw unbelievers to Christ.
  4. Spiritual Renewal: For dry bones to live once again and a hunger to be ignited for the things of God.
  5. Supernatural Demonstration: We need an unleashing of miracles, signs, and wonders!
  6. Courageous Evangelism: Ignite people to share Jesus with a fresh anointing and passion.
  7. Harvest of Souls: Pray for God to bring in key people.
  8. Divine Intervention: Our nation is in desperate crisis. Deliver us from evil.
  9. Direction: What is God’s plan for me? We have a purpose and souls to reach each day, but we need His help to know what to do.
  10. Unity: We need the body to accomplish God’s purpose for our lives.
For more info on prayer, visit: World Network of Prayer