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July 24, 2022: Seeds to Trees

Scripture teaches us the life principle of sowing and reaping. From a seed comes a plant, a tree, or a field big enough to harvest. What you sow, grows. The seed of a tree becomes buried, where you cannot see it. Little by little, it is nourished in the ground, and sprouts into view, growing into a large tree with deep root systems and branches that reach wide.

The principle of sowing and reaping doesn’t change. If a seed can live, it will grow. In scripture, seeds were often an analogy for the Word of God. As we read His Word, it grows in our life, bringing forth faith and works of His Spirit. But a seed can also be things like bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, and vengeance. These are all significant issues in someone’s life, but they all started as a seed.

It’s not easy to cut down a tree when it’s grown. If we get rid of the seed when it’s small, then we don’t have to wrestle with it when it becomes a forest. It’s your choice to leave a seed buried.


  • That God would reveal to you any “seeds” in your life that lay buried and need to be removed. These may be things like bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, revenge, hate, envy, gossip, jealousy, discontent, and doubt.
  • For forgiveness for allowing the seed to grow, contrary to His Word.
  • That God would help you to remove those that have grown up into large obstacles to your faith, walk with God, and with others.
  • That God would help you find someone to be accountable to during your recovery.
  • That God would make you aware when you are burying a seed in the future.
  • That you would replace every sinful seed with a seed from His Word.
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