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January 22, 2023: 

Worship is not just something we do or words we speak; it’s a way of living that shows we value and love the Lord above all else. Scripture teaches that God doesn’t need anything; He is sufficient by Himself. Yet He invites us to have a relationship with Him – to share thoughts, likes and dislikes, dreams, and desires with someone who will take the time to respond in return. When you truly love someone, no one forces you to be with them. Instead, you look for ways to share your feelings because nothing can suppress true love. Love changes you from the inside out. It affects all we do. When we fall in love with God, our worship expresses that love. It’s audible, visual, kinetic, and consistent. Worship is a lifestyle.

  • Think about God and His Word throughout your day. 
  • Include Him in all areas of your life. 
  • He knows what is best for you in every situation. Trust God. 
  • Open your eyes to see God’s wondrous ways. Long for His wisdom.
  • Ask God to stir a longing in your heart to know Him better. 
  • Give God worship from your heart, not mere words or actions, to fulfill an obligation. 
  • Desire to hear His voice. When God speaks: listen, learn, and obey. 
  • He is the greatest miracle you could receive. Seek Him more than anything else.
  • Emulate His kindness and grace in all you do.
  • Prove your words of worship to God throughout your life. 
  • Ask God to teach you how to love Him better. What does He like, dislike, desire, or want you to do?
For more info on prayer visit: World Network of Prayer