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January 1, 2023: 

The Purpose of Fasting

Fasting is not a means to get your way or to manipulate God, but it changes you personally and the world in which you live. It gives wisdom, understanding, and revelation concerning the things of God and His will. Fasting helps to develop a sensitivity to the presence of God as you align your will with God’s divine purposes. You form a more intimate relationship with God through fasting.

  • Pray to recognize the call to fast as found in the scripture.
  • Ask God to open your heart and attitude as you fast. Surrender your will so you may align your spirit with His divine purpose.
  • Ask God to let His love and compassion manifest in a hurting world.
  • Pray for a continual cleansing as you seek the face of God through repentance, both personally and globally.
  • Ask God to let your fasting be coupled with faith so that good impacts seemingly impossible situations.
  • Ask God to break the bonds of wickedness and immorality prevalent in our world as you fast.
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