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August 14, 2022: A Cal to Prayer… Continually

The world is waxing worse and worse, but the Kingdom of God is waxing greater and greater! We live in some of the most challenging times in the history of humanity. We also live in some of the most glorious times in the history of the Church.

It is not a time for the Church to be asleep. Awake, A CALL TO PRAYER has gone out! (Romans 13:11) Don’t you hear it? TODAY we have the most splendid opportunity to make an impact. As we pray with passion and perseverance for our government leaders and the challenges facing our nation and our world, God will “Hear” us; God will “Help” us; God will “Heal” our land! (ll Chronicles 7:14)

Is there not a cause? Choose to be a catalyst of change. Why even wait for the leadership to ask us to pray and fast? The Spirit of the Lord prompts and leads us to do so continually. The signs of the times speak volumes alone. The Lord beckons us to be faithful in standing in the gap. He has deployed us as His army, and we have the tremendous responsibility to fulfill His divine assignments. Commit to consistent intercession. Consecrate unto Christ with constant fasting. The hour that we live demands it! Pray for the world!

This world and all therein shall pass; only what we do for Christ shall last. Please commit to consistent prayer! It is time to awake, to arise and shine and answer A CALL TO PRAYER CONTINUALLY! (Isaiah 60:1-3)

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