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July 31, 2022: Devotional Thought: For the Sake of…

There are many reasons to fight the good fight for our faith. We can have confidence that our efforts are not in vain. While we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, we still have to live in a carnal world with the daily battles of our fallen nature.

Our greatest weapon of war is prayer. Without prayer, we can fall into deception, depression, and sin. God has given us His Word, and the ability to overcome every obstacle. We must stir up the gifts within us, keeping our eyes on the prize. We must focus on the reason why we should keep fighting the good fight of faith.

Our greatest motivation must be love. When love for others is our motivation, our faith, which God calls righteousness, is energized. Faith keeps us going when things seem hopeless. Faith keeps us believing for salvation, and a good outcome, no matter how bad things look. For the sake of others we believe, hope, and endure. It is faith rooted in love that motivates us to sacrifice.

The Apostle Paul said, “just as I please everyone in all things {as much as possible adapting myself to the interests of others}, not seeking my own benefit but that of the many, so that they {will be open to the message of salvation and} may be saved” (l Corinthians 10:33 AMP).

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