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June 26, 2022: 

If we could peel back the layers of hatred and violence in our world, we would be able to see many hearts in pain. Too often, crimes stem from such pain and have become a normal part of life for many homes and communities nationwide. God is love, which means that hatred is the opposite of God. As the church, we must look past expressions of brutality and suffering to the heart of the matter and offer a hurting world the healing love of Christ. We cannot forget that He created every single person for His glory and His purpose because every life truly does matter.
  • That we can see people as God sees them, offering them love, healing, and direction from the Word of God.
  • For strength to release anger, resentment, and bitterness and choose to forgive.
  • For thoughts of peace, goodness, kindness, and love.
  • Those who battle rage would learn to handle their emotions and see each situation clearly before reacting.
  • For healing and restoration for victims of violence, crime, and corruption.
  • For our nation that righteousness and truth would reign in every heart.

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