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July 3, 2022: Devotional Thought: Wisdom and Value

It takes a lifetime to learn some things, especially when it comes to wisdom and values.
Pablo Picasso was born in Spain. His father was a painter and a professor of art, and he taught his son from a very young age. Eventually, others recognized his genius. Today, Picasso is one of the more popular icons in art. He became a master, but it took him a lifetime to get there.
This principle explains why it is wise to listen to our elders. Listen to see if maybe somebody’s bumps and bruises produced a little wisdom. This wisdom is more valuable than one might imagine. This lesson has been hard-learned throughout world history.
For example, the third king of Israel was Solomon. He was the wisest man who had ever lived. His kingdom was incredibly prosperous. When he died, his son assumed the throne, but instead of taking the kingdom forward on the advice of his father’s counselors, he chose to listen to the young men. He tanked in an all-too-familiar pattern.
Not all who are older are wiser, but so many of our elders have more to offer than we might suspect. If you need advice, find someone whose life exhibits goodness and see what they have to say. Seek counsel in places like the Bible, where God, the ultimate elder, shares His wisdom. Such insights are treasures; after all, it took them a lifetime to come to those conclusions.

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