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June 4, 2023

Prayer is Powerful.

Prayer is longing, desire, or needs expressed to God in words. When offered with faith, wholeheartedly, in surrender to the will of God, and from a clean heart, prayer is powerful. Prayer is powerful because it invokes God, who is omnipotent or unlimited in power. When we pray, we look past our limitations, helplessness, and circumstances and look unto Jesus, who has all power and vast resources.

God Responds To Prayer.

Since God is a Spirit and we live in a different dimension or realm, we need a means of contacting God. That communication link is prayer. Whether prayer is audible or a silent yearning of the soul, God responds to it. He wants us to ask, and usually, we do so vocally. God delights in answering our prayers as long as we are living a life that is pleasing in His sight. Something about the nature of God responds to our needs.

Prayer is Universal.

Prayer is not restricted to a specific age group or race of people. Prayer is not available only to the illiterate or to the educated. It is not just for the poor or for the wealthy. Most people will pray at some point in their lives. A person may pray secretly so that others will not see him, but everyone will face times when they must reach beyond themselves for help.

Man Needs To Pray.

Within each person is an innate need for God, a God consciousness, and a desire to communicate with God. Mankind is the epitome of God’s creation. God made him from the dust of the earth with great care and in His own image. God has blessed humanity with the privilege of prayer. Since we are creatures of choice, we can pray if we desire. Our souls cry out for fellowship with our God. We need to pray, but the choice is ours.

We Can Communicate With God.

The privilege of prayer is ours since God has given us the ability to communicate with Him. We can express to God our deepest feelings. By voice inflection and emphasis, we can express our thoughts to Him. Sometimes even our volume level displays our earnestness to Him. As the song we have heard since childhood says, “What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer”

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