Personal Bible Study Submission Form Instructions

Hello and thank you for your willingness to serve as a Bible Study Teacher! Bible Studies are a key part in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. 

We are releasing a new way to report Bible Study.  This form will replace the current process or reporting.  Below you will find the steps to take to report your Bible Studies to the church.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Bible Study Coordinators Bro. Josh or Sis. Desiree Greer for assistance. Thank you and we appreciate you and your work for the Kingdom of God!


The purpose of reporting and using the Personal Bible Study Submission Form is to ensure we keep track of Bible Studies taught each week and can record growth in this area. 

Reporting Time Frame:

Each reporting week begins on Monday and ends the following Sunday.  For example: Monday, March 8, 2021 is the first day of the reporting week and Sunday, March 14, 2021 is the last day of the reporting week.  All Bible Study updates should be completed by end-of-day Sunday.  

A weekly, friendly reminder to submit updates will be sent each week. If you’ve already reported for the week, please disregard. You will find the new reporting system at  The form is called Personal Bible Study Session Form.  Each Bible Study you teach will need to be entered separately.  All new studies, if not available to choose in the Students Taught in this Session drop down, should be given to Sist. Desiree Greer so they may be added into the system.

Steps for Reporting a Bible Study:
You can follow along with the video on the Care Group Leaders page (

  1. Visit
  2. Select your name in the Teacher Drop-Down Box. NOTE: If you are a new teacher or your name does not appear, please contact Sis. Desiree Greer for help. 
  3. Choose your student in the Students Taught In This Session Drop-Down Box or start typing their name. Click your student name to select.

    NOTE: If your student’s name is not showing or they are a new student, select Show Everyone to search the directory. If your student is new to Calvary and not showing under the Show Everyone option, please select Add New Person and complete the required information in red.
  4. Select the date in which your study was completed
  5. Select the status of your study. 
  6. Finally, add details about the lesson number/subject taught or any other updates on the student or study you would like to add. These will be reviewed by the Bible Study Coordinator and Pastoral Team.
  7. When you have finished inputting all data, click Submit PBS Session.
  8. Repeat for each Bible Study taught.