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March 20, 2022: Spiritual Healing (Week 2)

We’ve all been wronged and felt a desire at some point to get even. We fail to remember that no one is perfect, including ourselves.

Anger can turn to bitterness and bitterness to hatred and revenge. Bitterness becomes a poison to our soul, causing us to sin and fall out of alignment with God and His blessings. God expects us to forgive others as He forgives us, even when it’s hard. Restitution, where possible, is also a part of that forgiveness. If we don’t forgive others scripture tells us that God will not forgive us. No offense is worth losing our soul over.

Prayer Points:

  • Ask for forgiveness for any bitterness or hatred that you’ve held in your heart. Ask Him to examine your heart and reveal any hidden anger against others.
  • Ask God to remind you that no one is perfect.
  • Pray strength to relinquish your right to get even. Let God be your avenger
  • Ask God how you can replace the evil done to you with good. Release your offender by repaying them with kindness.
  • Ask Him to help you refocus on things that are important and not to dwell on the problem you have with your offender.
  • Pray for those who have offended you.

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