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March 13, 2022: Spiritual Healing (Week 1)

The heart and compassion of God is revealed through spiritual healing. Restoration and reconciliation of the total man is God’s desire and design. Healing reveals that God is near to His people and He cares about their sufferings.

We have been given an invitation to experience the grace of God on an intimate level. Spiritual healing beckons the child of God to acknowledge that He is Lord and Creator and that we should have a heart of thanksgiving. We are drawn to Jesus Christ with love and adoration in response to His redemptive work that He has accomplished in us. God’s will is for us to be whole individuals.

Prayer Points:

  • Let my heart be in alignment with the whole nature of God.
  • God, help me recognize change and transformation are at my disposal as I recognize Your complete provision.
  • Lord, I thank You because I know that You will hear me and extend grace and mercy when I cry out to you through brokenness, humility, and repentance.
  • Lord, let my trust in You stand firm when discouragement and disillusionment cloud my understanding of how You choose to operate in my life.
  • Lord, help me to learn how to cast my cares on You and experience abundant life.
  • Lord, help us as a people to know that spiritual healing is for our community and country.

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