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Weekly Prayer Focus for October 11, 2020

A Praying Family

The family is the foundational unit of our lives. They are the ones we typically spend the most time with, and the ones who know most of our struggles. As such, they should be the first line of defense against the enemy and the coaches to lead our young people in finding their spiritual passions and the wonders of God. They are the ones holding the spiritual batons that get passed from generation to generation.
The church cannot mentor the next generation well when all they have is a few hours of their time. God’s plan according to Scripture is for the family (Parents) to do this at home and for the church to reinforce what is being taught in the home.

Benefits of a praying family

  • Strengthens: prayer strengthens family ties through intentional times of connecting with each other.
  • Resolves conflict: prayer helps guide the dreams, desires, needs, attitudes, habits of the diverse people in the home.
  • Changes hearts: it creates transformation versus forced behavior.
  • Opens communication: times of sharing and transparency.
  • Encourages: encourages forgiveness and reconciliation.

How does the family successfully build a praying unit? Little by little. Consistently. Day by day.