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Missionaries: Nations

The heartbeat of God is seen as Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem, longing for them to recognize their time of visitation. Missionaries embrace the true commission of God to go and share the good news to a lost and dying world. They forsake their own comforts and familiar surroundings and count it a privilege to serve on foreign soil. When there is a strong prayer support system for our missionaries, we help shoulder their burden and love for lost souls.

Prayer Points:

  • That they will bring apostolic anointing and direction to the field in evangelism, training, administration, and community service
  • For adequate finances to fund the local work and to train nationals in Bible colleges so the work of the ministry would continue to spread throughout the country
  • For favor with government officials, local communities, and national church leaders
  • For physical and spiritual protection, and that every plan of the enemy against the work of God’s Spirit would not prosper
  • That family relationships would be strong and stay a priority
  • For strength and encouragement to stay faithful when they are away from loved ones, encounter financial pressures, or are weary in spirit.
  • That they would learn the language of their field quickly in order to communicate easily
  • That they would be able to quickly generate financial support while on deputation so they can return to their field of appointment quickly

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