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November 7, 2021

What is Prayer? (Week 1)

According to the languages the Bible was originally written in, the word “Prayer” has three parts. These parts are worship, intercession, and supplication. When we worship, we show our love and adoration for God. Intercession demonstrates compassion by extending God’s grace to others. Through both intercession and supplication, we can fulfill the law of loving others as ourselves.

1.) Defined, Worship is to reverence or adore, do homage, obeisance, bow down. Worship is one of the most definitive words for prayer in the Greek language. Prayer in itself is the primary way to worship God when performed with a pure heart. Daily prayer should always begin and end in worship. God calls us to be thankful and not become overcome by this fast-paced world and stress. There is depression and suicide rampant in our world today that could lessen with thankfulness. One of the best examples of worship is Abraham’s trip to Mount Moriah. He was willing to give all with a thankful heart, believing God would help him and Isaac.

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