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Prayer Focus: November 22, 2020

Prayer Can Help Us Overcome the Battle and Warfare Over the Mind
  • Pray that we make the right choices. Satan convinced Eve it’s harmless to look at the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but just don’t touch it. She recorded in her brain the images of the fruit before she ever ate it. The brain records everything it sees iconically and episodically. The devil is changing Eve’s choices by changing her appetites.
  • Pray that we have the right appetites. The recorded images produced an appetite in Eve. The images were recorded while she felt safe letting down her moral filtering system. The appetite eventually overrode her obedience to God’s word causing her to alter her choices. She even felt justified.
  • Pray that we view and dwell on the right images. Eve misquotes the Word in Genesis 3:3 saying she can’t touch it. This denotes it’s alright to look and record the harmless image but don’t touch the fruit. WOW! He is really saying it’s not harmless to allow the mind to keep dwelling staring or meditating on Biblically harmful and toxic things. Satan uses images and thoughts like spyware and malware to a computer for your brain. So these thoughts and images lay dormant. They pop up later to harm the computer (the mind) and its hard drive. So it is with the mind and thoughts. The devil is a suggester of thoughts. He can recall images like he did Eve to twist God’s word, in your thoughts to cause biblical disobedience.
  • Pray that we have the right thoughts in our minds. Your mind is not the devil’s playground. You do have a choice for your thoughts. l Corinthians 10:3-6.
excerpt from: the World Network of Prayer