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Prayer Focus: November 8, 2020

Family Prayer: Creating a spiritual atmosphere

Every place we go has its own atmosphere-in the natural and the spiritual.   We are all affected by these atmospheres, including our children.  However, it is the home that impacts us the most.   Homes can be chaotic, depressing, violent, peaceful, etc., all based on what is allowed to happen there .The heavenly atmosphere God desires is described in Romans 4:17

The kingdom of God is….righteousness, peace, and joy..

Romans 4:17

God will manifest His presence wherever the atmosphere is right.

How do we create this atmosphere?

Before we can expect God to move, we need to create an atmosphere for Him to move in.

We invite Him.

  • God doesn’t force His way into our home, or lives.
  • Just like we clean and decorate our homes to make guests feel welcome, we are to clean out the sin, the fighting, the chaos, etc. that pushes Him away.
  • We personally welcome Him with an open heart, and honest, open communication.
  • We set the mood with the Bible reading, and worship music.

Worship Him.

  • Just as Heaven is filled with worship, we fill our home with worship.
  • God inhabits our worship.
  • God will not stay where He feels unwanted or where He feels He is a bother.
  • He wants to be desired, and not feel like we are simply doing our duty.

Walk with Him.

  • Listen to what He is asking you to do, change, or surrender.
  • Respond to that voice.