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Willing to Move

It is in our human nature to seek routines that give us self-security, especially when it comes to religious traditions. Conversely, the nature of the Holy Ghost is that we must be willing to move and be flexible when God is sovereignly doing something. We see this with the cloud of God in the wilderness. When it moved, Israel had to move. We all have spiritual, emotional and physical landmarks we reference every day to give us a sense of security and familiarity.

We must be willing to shift with God. For in Him we move, we live, and have our being.

These shifts mean we must be willing to:

  • Change the way we pray to listen more than we ever have for God in prayer for end-time instructions from His throne.
  • Be willing to shift the way you approach church services.
  • Be willing to give yourself in areas of local church ministry that you have never done before.
  • Be willing to change your paradigm about soul winning from individual soul-winning to winning whole families.

Source: World Network of Prayer