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What is Prayer?

Prayer is breath to the Spirit.
It is the lifeline to the soul.
It is the tether to the eternal.

Prayer is communication between
creature and Creator.
It is the eye into the invisible.
It is the ear to the unspoken.

Prayer is enlightenment to the mind.
It is understanding to the emotions.
Prayer is man’s greatest opportunity.
It is man’s daily challenge.
It is man’s amazing possibility.

Prayer is the mystery of all mysteries.
It is as complex as creation.
It is as simple as a child’s talk.
It is the most powerful power available to man.
It is more piercing than a laser.
It is the seed of all things possible.
It is the finality of man’s ability.

Prayer is man plugged into God.
It is God working through man.

WNOP by Thetus Tenney

For more info on prayer visit: World Network of Prayer