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Stand Fast

In these very unusual times, we need to stand fast as children of God, to be strong in our generation and stand for the truth of the Word of God.

We need to guard our homes from the invasion of evil that is trying to destroy marriages and families.

Help us to be willing like Deborah to ride into the midst of the battle in support of our leaders against the enemy.

I pray we quiet the noise of the world and slow the busyness of our lives so we can hear the still small voice of God as we search our hearts and draw close to Him.

I pray for wisdom for our leaders:

Our Pastor…that God will direct him as he leads the church.

I pray for all of us… that we would lift our eyes
· away from the carnal things that distract our thinking.
· away from offenses.
· away from a love of the world for we want the love of the Father to saturate our lives.

Lord help us to complete Your work through us in this world, for we long for your coming.

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