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Anointed to Pray: Week 2

“It’s time for me to go. Tell me what I can do for you before I leave,” Elijah instructed Elisha. “Give me a double portion of your spirit.” Elisha did not have to think twice (ll Kings 2:9).

Reading Elisha’s request causes a stirring deep in the spirit of a saint of God. We all long for a “double portion”. Have you ever stopped to consider what Elisha’s life and ministry may have been like had he not relentlessly dogged Elijah? Perhaps monotony and mediocrity would have been his existence; we will never know.

Elisha’s persistence paid off. Elijah’s mantle became his, and with it all the power and anointing of the former prophet. Doesn’t that create a desire within you to ask God for more? Oh, to have a double portion of the power to pray, to have an anointing to pray!

God longs to involve us in all that He is doing. We are invited to go beyond dangling our toes in the streams of His Spirit. He is calling us to plunge wholeheartedly into a river where there are “waters to swim in!”

Deep calleth unto deep (Psalm 42:7). The choice is ours today. We determine the level of power and anointing that operates in our ministries and the depth of our walk with the Lord. Paul exhorted Timothy to “stir up the gift of God” and “neglect not the gift that is thee.

I give myself unto prayer, David said (Psalm 109:4). The choice is ours daily. God’s plan and purpose will always be accomplished. The question is whether we will be a participant. Making ourselves available to God – to be quick to respond, kindles the anointing- the anointing to pray!

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