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Calvary Offline

As we enter into this time of consecration, here are some things to pray as Bishop mentioned last week during the Sunday evening service. 
Pray, God: 
  • give me the ear to hear You. Help me to be sensitive to Your voice and Your Spirit. 
  • give me a seeing eye, that I might see what You want me to see in the natural and in the Spirit. Help me to shut my eyes to what You don’t want me to see.
  • make me sensitive to the check of the Holy Ghost – that spiritual instinct of knowing when something is not right and instantly obeying.  
  • give me a heart that will be tender to the slightest moving of Your Spirit.
  • help me to control my emotions and for them to be pleasing to You.
  • help me walk in the Holy Ghost and be led of the Spirit.
  • make me sensitive to the needs of others that I might be able to minister to them. 
  • give me wisdom and help me to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of You and of what You want me to do.

For more info on prayer visit: World Network of Prayer