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Come: Week 2

He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. (Psalm 107:29)

Life has seasons of storms for everyone. Storms do not care about titles, position, wealth, education, lineage, or many of the things that humans use to rise above social despondency. Though we try, we cannot control life completely.

In the gospels (Matthew 8, Mark 4), we find the disciples at sea, in the midst of a storm, along with Jesus who was asleep on a pillow. The boat was about to sink, the waves were pouring in, and the disciples were scared for their lives. Yet Jesus was at peace. It’s important to remember, He was in the boat, in the storm, along with them.

When things get out of control in our lives, often we are overcome with fear. Fear causes all types of irrational thoughts and behaviors. These thoughts can overwhelm us to the point where we can think of nothing but our trouble. When we live in fear, it is impossible to walk in faith.

In midst of our storm, it’s vital that we remember though we are out of control, God never is. God is sovereign. It does not matter how impossible the situation is to us; God is not limited to human ability. Nor is He taken by surprise. He knows every part of our lives, each and every day, including the difficulties.

In that moment, the disciples had the Creator of the seas with them. Though they were not in control, they were not alone. And though the tempest raged, He never lost His ability to speak, “Peace, be still.” He was teaching them to trust Him in the midst of their storm.

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