Fusion Spotlight

With Fusion Spotlight, one can get an inside look at just how we are; semi-normal, God fearing, young adults who want nothing more than to worship God and to share what they know and feel with others all the while having a blast while doing so. A name is drawn, both girl and boy, and they are asked a series of questions which they answer truthfully so YOU can see the real US.



1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see my self at calvary in five years

2.What is your favorite memory from Fusion?
The time we beat Stephen's room up at NAYC with Ladles and spoons

3. What is your favorite scripture in the bible? Why?
Psalm 51:10 because it helps me through hard times

4. What is the number one thing you want God to do in your life?

To grow me

5. In one word, describe your 2015 relationship with God? Why?
Beautiful. Amazing. For personal reasons.