Welcome to Calvary Training Institute

Ministry Training

Calvary Training Institute (C.T.I) has a mission to develop people into Christ like maturity, to equip them in their unique ministries, that the church may be built up and Jesus my be magnified!  The Class list is as follows.


New Life in Christ

Conviction and Repentance

Water Baptism

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Faith My Victory

Rooted in the Word

Our Roots – From Acts 2 until Today

Your New Family – Understanding the Church

Our Mission – Analyze & Memorize Our Mission Statement

Your Pastor and Leaders

Growing and Maintaining a Relationship with God

Prayer – The Source of Strength

The Word – The Source of Stability

Dealing with Temptation and Condemnation

Personal Evangelism


Deeper in Truth

Praying in the Spirit


Faith and Submission

The Godhead

Greater Purpose

Compassion – Caring for People

Analyzing Personalities – Understanding People

Developing Your Testimony

Sharing Your Witness

Fruitfulness in Service

The Power of Passion

Knowing Your Gifts – Gifts and Callings Profile

Using your Gifts – Your Place in the Body

The Basics of Mentoring

Class Schedule

Sunday morning class begins at 9:00 am. Come early for coffee and breakfast in the Calvary Cafe. 


Sunday evening class begins at 4:30 pm.

All Classes are offered in Spanish and American Sign Language.