The History of Calvary

Picture of original church (1988)

In March of 1988, Paul, Young, and their four-year-old son, Jason, founded Calvary Christian Center, known then as, Calvary Tabernacle, in Del City, Oklahoma.  After feeling the peaceful direction of the Lord, they held their very first church service in the living room of their home; thus, setting into motion the passion for souls and the dedication to personal growth that is prevalent to Calvary Christian Center today.  Within a couple months they began to hold services in a rented facility on 20th street.

Growth and second building

Calvary saw rapid growth as more and more people began calling it home.  Sunday school programs; bus routes; drama programs; new ministries; attendance increase; youth programs; the beginning of Calvary Training Institute—classes designed to develop new believers and establish them into the body of Christ; name changed from Calvary Tabernacle to Calvary Christian Center…the formative years of Calvary saw many changes, promises, and successes, yet the purpose and vision never wavered.

Inside second building

Land was purchased with the intention of building a new facility.  In November of 2000, the land was completely paid for.  Pastor Sharp's vision for Calvary continued on, hosting outreach events and inviting many to participate.  In April of 2006, Calvary experienced a record-breaking Easter attendance as a push was made for reaching lost souls and teaching Home Bible Studies.  As the church began to progress, it was evident the current building would not hold everyone.  Home Friendship Groups began and took the place of Sunday evening services.  Sunday morning services were split into two different services to allow for room in the sanctuary.  Plans were soon made to purchase a building just a few blocks to the south, on 39th Street and Epperly Drive.  On July 2, 2006, Calvary held its first service in their new building.

Continuing on in new building

Pastor Sharp and the ministry team at Calvary continue to lead the congregation in the same vision; personal growth and evangelizing the world around us, developing a deeper walk with God through prayer, fasting, and reading the Word.  With plans to expand our facilities as we grow, Calvary continues to carry out its mission to connect people to Jesus Christ by being a shining ray of hope in a rapidly dimming world.